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Thursday, November 24, 2011

On a lighter note....

 © Judge-mental Productions, and Fox Television Networks

I'd love to know if Mike Judge, or any of the other staff of JUDGE-MENTAL PRODUCTIONS has a urethral stricture, or any idea of the life-long undertaking dealing with urethral stricture disease presents. I doubt very much if anyone at Judge-mental has had the pleasure of  *"pissing through an eye dropper"* day-in, day-out for years on end. I've watched most of the episodes, and never once saw Hank visit an M.D. for treatment of any urinary malady. He didn't "poop" for a week once, and went the colonoscopy route, but I never saw the s.o.b. head to the Arlen Urology Clinic for a "Roto-Rooter ®" tune-up, or to get a "ream-job". Could you imagine the vocal intonations Hank would exude while having a 24-Fr Van Buren sound passed through his most delicate of areas. Never once did Hank say: "Peggy, I'm sorry, you'll have to scratch your own itch tonight, my scratcher's been through a lot today".  ;)    Per: Moderator Tim

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