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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tips on "psyching up" for that upcoming dilitation

From what my urologist had told me, 90% of the problems with in-office dilitation arise in the patient who is unable to mentally prepare for the procedure. They sometimes delay, and delay (ad infinitum..), to the point where they risk Vesicoureteral reflux (urinary reflux), and that "ain't" fun.

In order to help prepare for the dreaded in-office dilitation, physicians often recommend that you "psych yourself up", much in the same way that a sports team prepares for the big game, here are a few tips:

1.  Tell yourself to remember that after having the dilitation performed, you will be able to "pee like a race horse", literally. It's the truth, and will help you to realize that a few moments of discomfort will be rewarded by at least a few months of normal performance.

2.  After the appointment, treat yourself to that half-gallon of home-made iced tea, consumed "all in-one pop", your bladder will now be able to handle it. Should you choose to rent a beer-or-three, be sure to do it within the confines of safety, where no driving will be necessary.

3. If your urologist is "a cool person, someone with whom you are comfortable", ask them for a written prescription for sex. Hand it to tour wife/girlfriend, or significant other - and say, "see, I have a prescription, I can't fill it myself". <---this maneuver always worked for me!

4.  If you reside in a colder climate, and you are lucky enough to have snow, go out back of your home (where your neighbors won't see you), and "write" your name in the snow! On second thought, throw caution to the wind, let her rip! TO HELL WITH THE NEIGHBORS!!

5.  If you reside in a rural area, populated by dairy farms, pull along side of the road and urinate in-front of a diary cow, make her envious. ADVISORY: this won't work if she's standing near (or on) a flat rock. Note: this scenario is not advised when a bull is in pasture.

6.  If your driveway has a down-hill slope, stand at the top, let 'er fly, see if you can make it to the base of the driveway! Again, screw the neighbors!

7.  Remember, you will now be able to generate "pee foam" in the toilet, screw with your wife's mind by adding a few drops of dish detergent prior to urinating in-order to enhance the effect. Invite your friends and neighbors to admire your handy work!!

8.  Crank up the old piano, and sing this John Valby classic :-)  (this one's a bit on the risqué side)

DISCLAIMER: Should you decide to follow any of the recommendations past recommendation three, you are on your own. Perform them at your own risk! Life's too damn short not to have fun!!

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