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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Frontiers in Reconstructive Urology, 2012- Part 1, The Center for Urologic Reconstruction® , Detroit, MI, U.S.A.


May this year be more healthy, productive, peaceful and fulfilling than the last, and in that context, let's begin 2012 with the encouraging news that we are now (mutually) linked with RECONSTRUCTIVE UROLOGY , the website for dissemination of research and information by Doctors Richard Santucci, M.D., and Mang Chen, M.D. . We hope that which follows does their work for the advancement of knowledge, understanding, and utilization of novel surgical techniques in the field of reconstructive surgery of the lower urinary tract justice. Their site features in-depth information, resources, and HD video(s) on a myriad of topics with regards to reconstructive procedures of the lower urinary tract including the bladder, urethra,  and external genitalia.

It is work such as theirs which provides hope that we can once again resume a normal life, free of the discomfort and constant concern which often accompanies the diagnosis of urethral stricture disease.

A little biographical info:  These gentleman have been at the forefront of research into treatments for urethral stricture disease for (probably) longer than anyone in the United States. I (Moderator:Tim) remember reading references to the work(s) of Dr. Santucci during the latter days of CompuServe, Prodigy, and shortly before AOL began littering every (snail) mailbox on earth with floppy's and CD's. 

Dr. Santucci's improvements in the techniques for the harvesting, preparation, and positioning of buccal  mucosal onlay autograft material during urethroplastic procedures are included within the standard curriculum of many urology residency programs in the United States, and elsewhere. His group was the first to issue reports with regards to statistics of complications and recurrence following various urethral procedures, and were really the first to shed light on the fact that a more specialized field of reconstructive urethral urology was necessary. Dr. Santucci also travels abroad, often to under-served regions of the world, sharing his techniques and training local surgeons in advances in reconstructive urology.

We were tempted to write that Dr. Chen could very well be considered the "Robin" character to Dr. Santucci's "Batman", however, that would be unfair, as our research has shown that Dr. Chen is considered to be the "patron saint" of those in need of substantial reconstruction of the lower urinary tract. His work in advances in techniques in "reconstructive trauma urology" (for lack of a better term) are utilized in trauma centers and major hospitals throughout North America.

This may well be reaching for the stars, but our greatest hope for this working relationship would be the possibility that someone substantially benefits from information and/or resources provided through our mutual cooperation.

The Center for Urologic Reconstruction® at Detroit Receiving Hospital 

Reconstructive Urology

Per: Moderators: Cesar and Timothy

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